6 oct. 2017

What's left of the Movida Madrileña

¡Madrid Nunca Duerme! Tourists and madrileños alike would agree that this saying is still as relevant today, as it was in a time when it typified the social and cultural freedom of La Movida in 1977. If you too want to experience a Madrid that never sleeps, here are a few post-movida locations that have survived the test of time!

Resultado de imagen de malasaña movida

Madrid is not short of culture; but why not go off the beaten track and see Juan Carlos Argüello’s graffiti, which is hidden around the Malasaña walls, where La Movida first became known.  One of his most famous works, ‘El Muelle’ is located in Calle de La Montera.

If it is a low-key drink and a bite to eat that you are after, look no further than ‘La Bobia’, an original Movida bar turned Sidería! You will find it in the trendy barrio of La Latina, where the young hang out against a post-movida style backdrop.  In fact, the original ‘La Bobia’ bar featured in Almodovar’s film, ‘Laberinto de Pasiones’, so there is no better place to re-live the Movida atmosphere than at this buzzing bar.

Resultado de imagen de malasaña

For those looking for somewhere that will lead you into the early hours of the morning, we suggest partying at ‘Madrid Me Mata’, a bar that prides itself upon its Movida influence.  You will notice the hipster murials that surround the young crowd that flock there, adding to the edgy ambience.  For a more casual option head to ‘Free Way’ or ‘Tupperware’, where you can get to grips with music from the Nacho Pop or Dinerama era.

Alternatively, to experience the true essence of La Movida Madrileña in a more logical fashion, you can take a guided tour by night around the district. 

Below are a few of our favourite post-movida hotspots:

  • La Bobia; Calle de San Millán, 3, 28012 Madrid; 917 37 60 30
  • Madrid Me Mata; Calle Corredera Alta de San Pablo, 31, 28004 Madrid; 609 84 75 04
  • Free Way; Calle Corredera Alta de San Pablo, 17, 28004 Madrid; 915 22 75 82
  • Tuppeware; Calle Corredera Alta de San Pablo, 26, 28004 Madrid

26 sept. 2017

¡European Day of Languages!

On the 26th September, we celebrate the annual European Day of Languages At AIL Madrid  we believe that this day is the perfect way to promote the cultural diversity of Europe, and most importantly, to encourage everyone to get involved and learn a language!

We encourage you to use European Day of Languages as an incentive to start studying the most spoken language in Europe, ¡Spanish!  You will discover new friendships as well as developing a skill that will benefit you in the business world.

The hardest thing about learning a new language, is adapting to phrases that are specific to the country.  In Spanish, there are thousands of sayings that can only be acquired with practise and time!

Therefore, to celebrate European Day of Languages at AIL Madrid , we are challenging students and teachers alike to come forward with their favourite colloquial phrases or sayings and share them with us!
To find out more and to share your own diverse phrases, go to our Facebook page!

If you’re learning Spanish (or want to start) we recommend following us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram because we’re always publishing free Spanish learning resources, exercises, videos and podcasts for all levels, from beginner to advanced.

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24 ago. 2017

Madrid's terraces - The best in Summer

In Madrid you can enjoy some cold cañas on a terrace every time of the year, but admit it, you prefer summer ;) Hot weather came to stay (for a long time), so, what better than sitting on a terrace to enjoy the 'fresquito'. Check out the list below with our favourite terraces:

- El Jardín secreto de Salvador Bachiller: two steps away from Puerta del Sol, and just a few meters from Gran Vía, you will discover a fairy tale in the middle of the city. Full of trees, plants, colorful flowers and rich nature smells, you can have a nice cup of coffee or a delicious cold mojito. You can find it in: Calle Montera 37.

- El Paracaidista: Restaurant, shop, bar and even cinema! This 'concept' store has it all! You can either watch a film, go shoping, have a nice cold cocktail or chill in the big terrace they have on the roof. Located in Malasaña and just next to Metro Tribunal is a great way to scape the routine.

- Terraza Atenas: Next to Madrid Río, this terrace is great to chill in a cool park with the best views. Don't miss out on any of the events that they do during the summer. Another great way to escape the hot weather and enjoy a nice and refreshing afternoon.

- The Hat Madrid: Cheap and near by Plaza Mayor. This beautiful terrace has everything: free WiFi, air conditioning and cold beer.

- El Patio del Fisgón: Located in the famous neighbourhood of Salamanca, you will find the msot modern dishes combined with the best cocktails. Suitable for summer with big windows and for winter, warmed with it's chimeney. You will love this cozy place!

1 ago. 2017

¡Veranos de la Villa! - August: hot weather & refreshing plans

We are so lucky to be able to support such a wide array of events this summer! Join us to support our local and international artists as we attend their unforgettable events. With such variety, there are bound to be many experiences that you would be sorry to miss!

António Zambujo 
Tuesday, August 1st

Do you hear that music? It´s so good that it has to be António Zambujo! Come see his free concert that celebrates music from around the world with his cosmopolitan sound. The doors open at 21:00 and takes place in the Auditorium inside of Lineal del Manzanares Park. 

Puppets Night! 
Wednesday and Thursday, August 2nd & 3rd

Tonight, in the Theatre of Títeres inside of Retiro Park, there will be a few puppet and marionette shows that are sure to make you smile. Rodorín and José Antonio López Parreño prepared a dramatic and funny story for us from 20:00 to 21:00. Afterwards, from 22:00 to 23:00, Mr. Barti and Alex Marioneta have another piece for us about the life of a prodigy marionette. The young puppet is a prodigy pianist who plays eccentric music and eventually reached fame due to his passion for rock and flamenco. These shows are the perfect night out for a family because they make people laugh, regardless of age.

Urban Slackline 
Friday, August 4th

Do you want to have fun but you get tired of the usual activities? How lucky that there is a slackline competition on August 4 from 17:00 to 23:30. Watch, practice, or compete in the slackline events that always impress the audience. The open workshops are from 18:00 to 20:00, so if you want to participate, plan the day accordingly. Tickets are free and the event will be at Pablo Ruiz Picasso Square.

Madrid Suena #2 
Saturday, August 5th

From 11:00 - 21: 00 you can enter a pool party with several DJs and live music groups. For only 4,50€, enjoy club music, house music and also the blackest rhythms such as Jazz, disco, funk, and soul. Everything will happen at the Municipal Sports Center Francos Rodríguez, but the question is - will you go there?

Valgeir Sigurdsson 
Tuesday, August 8th

If you like classical and contemporary music, come to the Auditorium inside of Las Cruces Park at 21:00 to listen to this exceptional music. The event is free and there is no doubt that you will enjoy their profoundly northern music.

Night of Shooting Stars 
Thursday, August 10th

This day represents the intellectual and scientific side of Madrid with an astronomy exposition. They especially chose this day because our planet is passing the 109/Swift Tuttle´s orbit; a comet that we only get to see every 133 years! This means that this is our grand opportunity to see it and learn a bit about space too. From 20:30 to 22:00 there will be workshops of various astronomical themes and from 22:00 to 1:00 there will be telescope observations! There are also some notable guests that will host short lectures about what you should be looking for with your telescope as well as other astronomical topics. The whole event is free and occurs in the Auditorium inside the Enrique Tierno Galván Park.

Enrique Tierno Galván Park

 Milonga Junto Night with the Royal Quintet 
Wednesday, August 16th

In Berlin Park there will be a phenomenal night of music and dance. The free event is from 21:00 to 24:00 and celebrates the tango with live music from the Royal Quartet. There will also be professional tango dancers and a large crowd of people dancing the night away.

Film, Music and Magic: with Victor Chomón II 
Thursday, August 17th

Victor Chomón the Second is one of the most famous silent movie directors of all time. Responsible for classics like The Electric Hotel (1908), Bizarr Symphony (1090) and The Red Spectrum (1907); we celebrate the master with a day full of his movies, accompanied by live music. Kevin Toma has designed the experimental music and we are very proud to present this free event. It will be held at the cross of Bravo Murillo Street and Cea Bermúdez Street with the festivities beginning at 22:00. See you there!

Submerge Yourself 
Saturday, August 19th

Come to the Auditorium at the lower gardens of the Segovia Bridge to submerge yourself in the pleasures of contemporary dance. Losdedae, a Madrileñan dance group, will perform at 19:00, 20:30, and at 22:00. We have heard that they are incredible due to their choreographer, Chevi Muraday, who won the National Dance Prize in 2006. The tickets are free so there´s no reason to miss out!

Circus Soirée #3 
Sunday, August 20th

Third Circus Evening for the whole family:
Twisting the Balance / Political Circus presents once again, in the context of the Circus Evenings, its special creation for Veranos de la Villa: Future animal, a project of Leire Mesa and Rolando San Martin for which the creators have carried out an investigation Previous on each space and the inhabitants of its proximities. From the bowels of the circus, Future animal asks about evolution and involution: are we going towards a more harmonious world with nature or do we evolve towards our most animal part?

Block Party 
Friday, August 25th

 Night dedicated to new sports that are already part of the landscape of our cities, such as parkour or tricking, associated with hip-hop culture. Parkour consists of acrobatic movements through urban spaces overcoming obstacles such as unevenness, fences, gaps, heights ..., without any other means than the impulse of one's own body. Tricking is a flat floor acrobatics practice that combines sports gymnastics, martial arts and break-dance movements, with an aesthetic based on deadly jumps, kicks and turns.

Exhibitions, workshops, DJ's of urban music and concerts.

Christina Rosenvinge 
Wednesday, August 30th

A mix of electronic and pop music. Coming from the most famous New York nightclubs to Madrid, Christina will amaze everyone with her unique style.
 All this will take place in Parque Quinta de Los Molinos, a park full of green spots to lay down and enjoy music.

                                            More details at Veranos de la Villa

18 jul. 2017

Veranos de la Villa - July full of plans

Madrid in summer does not rest, from outdoor events, concerts and even parties, the city is full of enthusiasm and summer joy. Do not miss the events that will be held in the next two weeks!

Yabba                                                                                                           19th- 20th of July

If you are looking for undefined art, María Jerez might be your new muse. The Madrileña’n artist is known for her art that eludes common recognition—for example, one of her works depicts a scarf blowing over a highway, but the way it is flying makes it appear as a cloud of black smoke. Her work focuses on the incapacity to name what you see, and her exhibit is absolutely worth a visit. She will also be accompanied by Lanoche, an experimental electronic music group. Tickets are free to see her work in the Madrid’s Matadero at 21:30.

Salsa Night                                                                                              Thursday, July 20th

The famous Orchestra La-33 is coming to the Explanada Multiusos Madrid River to spoil us with their music! This night of dancing will begin at 21:00 and we anticipate salsa rhythms, Colombian music, and even Ibero-american music. With free access, there is no reason to miss out!

Santiago Auserón and the Symphonic Band of Madrid                           Friday, July 21st

Come to a free concert! Santiago Auserón, one of the most memorable musicians from Castilian music of the 80s, will be presenting us with a wonderful show on Friday. Take a journey through his many successes as 21:00 in the Pilar García Peña Auditorium. ¡We hope to see you there!

In a Strange Land                                                                                   Saturday, July 22nd

Are you an aficionado of old music? Or do you just want to discover what old music was like? Well, we have an event especially made for you. Listen to polyphonic music from the English Renaissance in the Cemetery of Almudena Ciudad Lineal. The event begins at 21:00 and has open access to the public. Uncover something new in the old.

Rosalía + Raül Refree                                                                                Sunday, July 23rd

There is nothing more Spanish than Flamenco dancing; but this show takes it to another level. At 21:00, an experimental Flamenco show begins and will leave you speechless. Come to the Auditorium in Cuña Verde Park to enjoy this free event. 

Access                                                                                                         23rd- 24th of July

This piece, created by Pablo Larraín and Roberto Farías, tells us the story of a young man growing up in the streets of Santiago de Chile. Each day, he sells cheap items on the street in order to make enough money to survive, but that is not all that life has in store for him. The show begins at 21:00 in the Cineteca-Matadero Madrid and is presented in a monolog format that is sure to captivate you. Join us for this intense societal analysis as we delve into themes of abuse, exclusion, resistance, and what it is to be human.

Poets on Moyano Territory                                                                Wednesday, July 26th

Join us at 20:30 to enjoy a day that celebrates everything that it is to be a poet, no matter what kind. The event is free, occurs in the Cuesta de Moyano inside of Retiro Park and you can pick and choose whichever events interest you most!
·         20:30 Norma Fierro—Spoken Word Genre
·         21:30 Ajo & Judit Farrés— Micro-Poems
·         22:30 Saul Williams-- Hip Hop Poetry

A Voces: El Pele y Pedro El Granaíno + Pastora Galván                    Thursday, July 27th

Great music, impressive dance moves and a great location--come and enjoy the flamenco show! It begins at 21:00 at the Auditorium inside Lineal del Manzanares Park and includes free access for all guests.

Tribute to Gloria Fuertes                                                                              Fridat, July 28th

A day like today, a hundred years ago, on July 28, 1917 Gloria Fuertes was born in the Madrid neighborhood of Lavapiés, where she lived her childhood and adolescence. This neighborhood girl, of humble origin, would become a heterodox and unclassifiable poet whose work has become part of popular culture. 
Her poems have moved and made children and adults smile with a script full of sensitivity and full of humanity. This will take place in Lavapiés Neighborhood at 20:30 and it has free entrance.

Madrid Suena                                                                                           Saturday, July 29th

In the Centro Deportivo Municipal San Blas, from 11:00 to 21:00, there will be a DJ and live music! It only costs 4.5 Euros to enter, but this music festival will be one night you´ll never forget. A lot of the musical groups represents the underground style and others bring black rhythm to the table as it appears in Jazz, Disco, Funk, and Soul music all night long!


Circus Soiree                                                                                             Sunday, July 30th

¡Vaivén Circo presents to us a lively show called Do Not Disturb that impresses and excites their audience without question! The complete performance won the National Circus Prize in 2016 and this show on Sunday includes the political circus of Twisting the Balance and the dangerous antics of (Rêve). The event begins at 20:30 in the Agustín Rodríguez Sahugún Park and you should expect a crude, physically contorting show that pushes its artists to their limits. Entry is free, so there´s no excuse to miss it!

More details at Veranos de la Villa

7 jul. 2017

¡San Fermín! - Run with the bulls

The fiestas of San Fermín or Sanfermines are a celebration in honor of San Fermín (copatrón of Navarra) that takes place every summer from the 6 to the 14 of July in the Spanish city of Pamplona. One of the most famous activities of the Sanfermines is the bull run, which consists of a route of 849 meters in which the young men run in front of the bulls and culminating in the bullring.

By definition, San Fermín is synonymous with partying in the street. So the pamploneses spend the week in the street enjoying sangría, sun and music. The big week of Pamplona begins with the launching of the "chupinazo" (a rocket) from the balcony of the Town Hall on July 6 at 12h. From that moment a traditional and very fun party begins: shows, dances, parades and bulls will be the protagonists of an unforgettable week.

¡Have fun and run fast!